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1.21.09 - Quality Forms Brings Environmentally Friendly Four-Color Printing to the Ohio area

Presstek DI® Digital offset Press Delivers Superior Quality

With a growing need to reduce the time to market for brochures, posters, direct mail, point-of-purchase signage and other high quality branded materials, companies are looking for innovative partners who can help them meet these important objectives. Quality Forms is now uniquely positioned to be that partner.

“We believe our new Presstek DI press is one of the best ways to deliver the print portion of an integrated campaign and feel businesses will benefit from DI printing. It delivers the best print quality in the market and enables us to quickly delivery the quantity the print buyer requires. The bonus is that it is done in an environmentally sound fashion at very competitive price.”

The new state-of-the-art DI press uses industry-leading laser imaging and chemistry-free thermal plate technology that delivers extremely high quality four-color offset printing within hours of the time the customer’s digital file arrives at Quality Forms . DI is a revolutionary patented printing technology invented by Presstek, Inc., of Hudson, NH.

“This is the latest and greatest in offset printing, and we’re thrilled to be offering this level of service to our customers. With our new DI press, we can quickly and economically produce four-color offset printing in quantities from 500 to 20,000, with a guarantee that if reprints are needed, they will be produced with the same consistent quality.”

Thomas E. Kinnison, President
Quality Forms